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SolderKing Sc100e Solder Wire CXW-70 2.2% Flux 0.5mm Supplied on 500G Reels

Sc100e CXW-70 2.2% 0.5mm Supplied on 250G Reels

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CXW-70 Cored Solder Wires

Alloy - Sc100e

Melting Point - 227ºC

A high performing Clear Residue, No Clean Cored Solder Wire for consistent, fast flowing robot soldering for consumer electronics soldering operations where a J-STD 004B flux type ROL1 is considered accepted no clean technologies.

Excellent wetting of all lead-free substrates and component finishes.

Residues can be removed if required using Solderking spray in air, spray under immersion or Ultrasonic cleaning solutions leaving a clean tin salt free, non-whiting finish. Available in lead free alloys SAC405, SAC305, SAC0307 and Sc100e

  • Ultra high performance RoHS and REACH compliant soldering for robots and operators.   
  • Superior wetting for defect-free automated operations.
  • High speed drag soldering for enhanced operator performance.
  • High reliability lead free solder to J-STD 004B.  
  • No offensive odours.
  • Very low clear residues.

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More Information
General Specifications

CXW-70 Cored Solder Wire typical batch information

Flux Classification J-STD 004B ROL1
Acid Value mg KOH/g J-STD 004B 160-180
Quantitative Halide <0.5%
Rosin softening point 70-80ºC
Surface Insulation Resistance J-STD-004B Pass >100 MΩ
Electromigration Resistance GR78 Core Pass
Electrochemical Migration J-STD 004B Pass
Copper Corrosion 10 day J-STD-004B Pass
Copper Mirror Corrosion J-STD—004B Pass



Packaging and modifications are available on request.

Solder Wire Packaging
CXW-70 No Clean Cored Solder Wire 500g
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SolderKing Sc100e Solder Wire CXW-70 2.2% Flux 0.5mm Supplied on 500G Reels

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SolderKing Sc100e Solder Wire CXW-70 2.2% Flux 0.5mm Supplied on 500G Reels

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