Topline SMT Introductory Kit

SMT Introductory Kit (After Assembly)

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TopLine SMT Introduction Beginners Kit. Includes Fine-pitch QFP, SOIC, SOT, PLCC, chip resistors, chip capacitors, MELF, potentiometer, tantalum cap, and more. Excellent way to introduce Surface Mount technology with easy to solder components. 

Board Features:

  • Choice of Final finish:
        • Immersion Tin (Sn)
        • ENIG (Ni/Au)Gold
        • OSP Copper
        • Immersion Silver
        • HASL SnPb
  • LPI Solder Mask - PSR4000 AUS5
  • FR4 Tg=170°C
  • Size - 4"x5.5" (10x14cm) 
  • Thickness 0.062" (1.6mm)
  • 2-Layer Board
  • Lead Free RoHS Version
  • Plated Throughholes (PTH)
  • Tooling Holes .125" (3.17mm)
  • IPC Fiducials - 0.062" (1.57mm)
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