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Introducing .... BIMOS Chairs – Lab, Industrial, Cleanroom & ESD Seating Solutions

Introducing BIMOS!

We have always championed the need for ergonomic solutions within the workplace. Whether that be from the benching, production aids, or in this case, your seating preferences.

We are always on the lookout for new innovative seating solutions that help to improve the comfort and seating ergonomics of the user.

BIMOS does exactly that, bolstering our ESD seating offering with new and innovative seating options, all geared towards providing the best ergonomic solutions on the market.

Stylish, ergonomic chairs, that will last the test of time in the workplace.

So without further ado, let's have a look at BIMOS….


About BIMOS chairsAbout BIMOS chairs

BIMOS is a brand of the company Interstuhl Büromöbel GmbH & Co. KG, a German seating manufacturer founded in 1962.

They are based out of the German town of Meßstetten-Tieringen, with a giant production facility that produces approximately 5000 chairs per day.

They are experts in the production of highly specialised, high-performance seating solutions for production, lab, cleanroom and EPA environments.

BIMOS pride themselves on the following elements:

  • Comprehensive expertise, being one of the largest chair manufacturers within Europe.
  • Detailed knowledge around the seating requirements of a whole host of environments – from ESD, laboratory, cleanroom and even industrial.
  • Their ergonomic knowledge for seating comes backed up by a scientific cooperation with the Fraunhofer institute.
  • BIMOS are in constant communication with end users, looking to develop and enhance their offering to bring the best ergonomic seating offering.


  • Quality – ISO 9001:2015
  • Environment – ISO 14001:2015 - Also Certified Carbon Neutral Company
  • Occupational Health And Safety – ISO 45001:2018
  • Energy – ISO 50001:2018
  • Ecology, Economy, Social Competence
  • ECO Management & Audit – EMAS Verified Environmental Management

Ergonomic Benefits Of BIMOS Seating

As previously mentioned, one of the main reasons for choosing a BIMOS chair over another brand, is their unparalleled focus on the ergonomics for the end user. Below are some of the key stand out features from BIMOS chairs:

Synchronous Weight Calibration

Each of us are a different size and weight. If these chairs are to be shared, to get the perfect ergonomic seating position, adjustments are needed before periods of use in the chair.

This takes time, having to toggle levers until the user feels they have the correct setting. Not only can this be time-consuming, but there is also no guarantee that the chair is on the perfect setting.

Step up .... automatic weight regulation.

Every time the user sits on the chair, it calibrates to the optimal ergonomic tilt position. It will adapt to the user when automatically sat in.

This will encourage both optimal backrest contact and dynamic sitting.

This function is available as standard on all chairs listed on our website.

Synchronous Weight CalibrationSynchronous Weight Calibration

Freedom Of Movement

Workplace tasks often require varying degrees of rotational movement.

Without the right chair support, often this involves repeatedly losing contact with the chairs back support.

BIMOS chairs are designed to provide the maximum freedom of movement for daily tasks. Much of the range has tapered backrests to allow easy rotations, twists and other sweeping movements, without compromising back support.

The special cut design, thin at the top and wider at the base of the back support, allows space for easy movement of the arms and upper body. The high backrest in some of the range aids in taking the strain off of the spine and muscles. 

Freedon of movement with BIMOS chairsFreedon of movement with BIMOS chairs

Custom To The User

The BIMOS philosophy is that chairs should be customised to the user, not the user accustom to the chair.

People come in a host of shapes and sizes. No two people are the same. This means that different support is needed to fully support the chair user.

This becomes even more important when multiple users are using the same chair, on shift work for example. There is no one setting that will cater for the best posture, back, or height support across multiple people.

The degree of flexibility within each of the chair ranges means that the user can adjust the chair to their body type and height. This customisation includes:

  • Choice of 2 dynamic seating options, from permanent contact backrest to synchronous technology.
  • Adjustability on chair functions including seat and backrest height, seat tilt, seat depth and weight regulation.
BIMOS chairs customise to the userBIMOS chairs customise to the user

Other Key Features Of BIMOS Chairs


Synchronous Weight CalibrationSynchronous Weight Calibration

10 Year Guarantee

BIMOS are supremely confident in their high-performance seating solutions. The end user directly benefits from the technical, aesthetic, ergonomic and ecological features that their range provides.

When you purchase a BIMOS chair, you benefit from a 10 year warranty.

This applies to all BIMOS products, including all spare parts (such as gas springs and other mechanisms).

Quality is a key component to the BIMOS philosophy, and along with Kaisertech will help to support your chair through its long lifespan.

BIMOS chairs customise to the userBIMOS chairs customise to the user

1 + 1 Upholstery

One of the big benefits included on some of the BIMOS range is the ability to easily interchange and switch out the upholstery.

The Neon and Sintec chairs benefit from this 1 + 1 upholstery system.

This means that the chairs comprise of a chair base and then the upholstery elements.

This offers the following advantages:

  • Sustainability – Upholstery being interchangeable means that when chair fabric or material becomes worn or damaged, there is no need to replace the entire chair.
  • Flexibility – Different upholstery elements can be changed in and out for different work areas or applications – which adds a sense of individuality to each chair if required or desired.
  • Economical – Invest in a chair that lasts the test of time. Only replace the upholstery when completely necessary. This means that every time you buy a BIMOS chair, you are making a long-term investment.
BIMOS chairs customise to the userBIMOS chairs customise to the user

Environmentaly Sustainable

BIMOS are also environmentally conscious, committed to the responsible use of resources through their manufacturing process.

They follow the following 5 guidelines with every single chair that is being produced:

  1. Recycling at development stage – Each chair is designed top ensure complete material recovery, avoiding the use of composite materials. Recycled materials are always used where possible.
  2. Quality production - Sustainability is the aim for every chair BIMOS produce. If chairs do not need to be regularly replaced and last longer, less material is being used in production. Each BIMOS chair is designed for long term use.
  3. Modular Design - This lengthens the life of a chair. You are easily able to replace broken chair components with replacement parts being supported for at least 10 years.
  4. Continual Optimisation – BIMOS continually evaluate their processes, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of environmental awareness within their field.
  5. Supplementary Data – Each chair comes with an environmental datasheet, displaying the key parameters for all components that go into making the chair. This includes from a simple screw all the way to the upholstery.

Featured ESD Chairs




The ESD Neon is the flagship of the BIMOS range. It provides the perfect blend between style, comfort and ergonomics. It includes the following features –

  • 1+1 Upholstery – Easy to change if worn or damage, with no need to replace the whole chair.
  • Freedom Of Movement – Includes a tapered backrest to allow for easy turning and sweeping movements, without compromising back support.
  • Customisation – Individualise the chair in both style and comfort. Four available flex band colours, along with four different upholstery types.
ESD Nexxit - BIMOSESD Nexxit - BIMOS


Your robust and ergonomically supported seating solution for all modern industry demands. The Nexxit ensures the correct sitting posture, with high comfort and an extreme resistance for industrial environments. Features include –

  • 3 Level Pre-selection – Provides the right working range for different work environments. This is preset to 3 levels, for work that requires force, precision work and tasks that require a wide range of movement.
  • Automatic Seating – Automatic weight regulation for the user. This ensures optimal backrest contact pressure – achieving active and dynamic seating.
  • Added Comfort – Thick, padded seat to ensure a high level of comfort. The shape of the seat helps to promote correct posture and good blood circulation.


ESD Labsit - BIMOS ESD Labsit - BIMOS


The Labsit is the optimal chair for all kind of laboratory environments. With incredible ergonomic functions, it promotes the best postural protection for precision work that is conducted on the edge of your seat. Other features include:

  • 3D Flex On Backrest – Adapts to the movement of the user, following the upper body when leaning back, twisting or moving sideways. This provides optimal support for the body in any position.
  • Flex On Front Of Seat – Front end of the seat follows a front-angled working position. This helps to promote optimal blood circulation and to prevent pressure pain or dead legs.
  • Intuitive Handling – Flex functions mean that no adjustment levers are needed, ensuring that all ergonomic functions are properly being used.


Rest Of The Range

Rest of the BIMOS chair range on KaisertechRest of the BIMOS chair range on Kaisertech

In Summary

We are thrilled to include BIMOS in the Kaisertech product offering. Feel free to get in touch if you wish to discuss any of the BIMOS chairs in the range, or if your have any other seating requirements.

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