JBC T470-ZA Triobular soldering iron handpiece with set screw 50W

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JBC T470-ZA Triobular soldering iron handpiece

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JBC T470-ZA Tri-lobed Heavy Duty Soldering Iron Handle

This soldering iron handle is perfect for intensive soldering jobs requiring continued high thermal power such as large ground planes, production of solar panels, armor and other applications. It features a larger width tri-lobed grip that provides greater handling of the tool. The screwfixes the cartridge to prevent its rotation. It can provide up to 250W when used with a HDE station and C470 cartridges.

It can also work with Modular and CD stations, but is only compatiable with C245 cartridges.

Product Information:

  • 50W
  • For general soldering work in professional electronics
  • The screw allows fixation of the cartridges in the handpiece
  • Ideal for high intensity jobs where no cartridge change is needed
  • Advanced version 2 temperature precision >± 5%
  • Potential difference between soldering tip and ground is <2mV
  • To be used with C245 & C470 cartridges
  • Weight of handpiece without cartridge 66 grams

Kaisertech are specialists in electronic manufacturing and stockists of JBC products, including soldering stations, tips, stands, handpieces, extraction kits, rework stations, control units and fume extraction kits.

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