ESD Moisture Barrier Bags 6" x 30" (155x760mm) Packet of 100

ESD Moisture Barrier Bags 6" x 30" (155x760mm) Packet of 100


Moisture barrier bags are designed for the packaging of SMD’s, protecting them from moisture and static damage.

Dry devices are placed inside the Moisture Barrier Bag and the moisture laden air is evacuated.

Desiccant filled pouches scavenge the remaining moisture from the bags interior which is entrapped by the desiccant.

Humidity Indicator Cards report the effectiveness of the package upon device use.



  • Clean
  • No wrinkle, surface scratch, damage, pin hole, delimitation
  • No separation on the encapsulation


Key Benefits Of Purchasing Moisture Barrier Bags Through Kaisertech

  • Offers superior protection against EMI, ESD, Anti Static and moisture absorption
  • Heat Sealable
  • Excellent vacuum retention
  • Faraday cage effect protection
  • Custom sizes available
  • Resistant to puncture and wear
  • Long time stocking in a damp atmosphere
  • RoHS compliant.

Meet The Following ESD Standards/ Requirements:

IPC / JEDEC J-STD-033, ANSI/ESD S20.20, STM11.31 2006, EIA541, MIL-B-81705C Type 1, EC 61340-5-1, FTMS101, MTH2065, GB/T 1040, ISO 527-2:, ASTM D639-03, ASTM D-638, GB/T 16578-96, ASTM D1938-02, ASTM D-1876-72

More Information
General Specifications
Electrical Properties Typical Values
Surface Resistivity / Resistance ANSI/ESD S11.11
Interior >10^6<10^11 ohms/square >10^6<10^11 ohms/square
Exterior    >10^6<10^11 ohms/square >10^6<10^11 ohms/square
Static Shielding <30 volts STM11.31
Static Shielding <50 nj STM11.31.2006
Static Decay    <2 seconds IEC61340-5-1-1998 Charge
Charge Retention <100 volts IE61340-5-1-1998 
Physical Properties  
Puncture Strength ≥10.2kg FTMS101, MTH2065
Burst Strength 146kg/cm2 ASTM D-638
Snap Power ≥3.7kg GB/T 1040-2006
(Vertical and Horizontal) ISO 527-2:1993 ASTM D639-03
Elongation Rate At Break ≥3.3kg ASTM D-638
Tear Strength ≥0.6kg GB/T 16578-96
(Vertical and Horizontal) ASTM D1004-03 ASTM D1938-02
Peel Strength ≥0.5kg
Heat Seal Strength ≥3.7kg ASTM D-1876-72
WVTR Water Vapour ≥0.006 (ANSI/EIA 583 ASTM F1249 (230c 90%RH) class 1)
Thickness 100micron (4 mils) +/- 10%
OTR-Oxygen Transmission Rate ≥1.4cm3/m2.24h.0.1MPa) ASTM D3985
Shelf-Life ≥3 years


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ESD Moisture Barrier Bags 6" x 30" (155x760mm) Packet of 100

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ESD Moisture Barrier Bags 6" x 30" (155x760mm) Packet of 100

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