Humidity indicator cards - 3 spot 30-40-50% tin of 125

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Humidity indicator cards - 3 spot 30-40-50% tin of 125

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Product Information:
- Humidity indicators are used to detect moisture and humidity in packaging
- Colours change to indicate RH levels inside package
- Composition: Cobalt Dichloride on cardboard - Delivered in tin box
- Note: *Non Cobalt Dichloride indicator cards available on request*

Please contact for more information:
Email:[email protected]
Phone:+44 (0)23 8065 0065

Humidity Indicator Cards (HIC’s) are used to determine when products have been exposed to moisture above recommended storage levels.

They are printed with moisture sensitive spots, which respond to various levels of humidity with a visible colour change from blue to pink.

The humidity inside dry packed barrier bags can be monitored by including a HIC inside.

When the bag is opened, the card can be examined for proper dryness inside the bag. This indicates that the barrier bag and the desiccants are functioned correctly.

General Specifications

Specifications:                  Typical Values

Materials:                            Blotting paper impregnated with cobaltous chloride.

Accuracy:                             Based on ambient temperature of 75°F.

Tolerance:                           Approx. 2.5% for each 10°F away from 75°F.

Card Size:                            3 spot: 5cm x 7.5cm 4 spot: 7.5cm x 3.5cm  6 spot: 3.5cm x 10.5cm

Standards:                           Complies with IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033 MIL-L-8835

Packing:                               3 spot: 200 cards per can 4 spot: 200 cards per can  6 spot: 250 cards per can


Cards have a batch number for QA traceability. Can Quantity could vary.

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