Calibration Unit for ESD Wrist Strap Tester and Footwear Tester

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This Tester Calibration Unit is designed to simplify the process of calibrating Wrist Strap Testers and Footwear testers.

This unit allows the user to quickly and easily verify whether a tester is operating within specifications. The Tester Calibration Unit is a passive device and requires no power source. Light and audible signals verify results on the unit you are testing.


Connect the 2 leads to the banana sockets at the top of the calibration unit.

Connect one of the leads to the banana socket of the calibration unit and touch the metal plate of the calibration unit with the other.  Then you can check low fail etc moving around the test knob on the calibrating unit.

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General Specifications



Fail Low 715 kilohm

Pass Low 785 kilohm

Pass High 33 megohm

Fail High 37 megohm






96mm L x 61mm W x 40mm H

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Calibration Unit for ESD Wrist Strap Tester and Footwear Tester

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Wrist band tester measures both high, low fail and pass functions

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