Vision Engineering Mantis PIXO


Vision Engineering Mantis PIXO

Mantis PIXO – Compact, Ergonomic Stereo Microscope

The Mantis series of stereo microscopes has been trusted by thousands of operators globally for its ability to deliver both excellent image quality and its ease of use.

  • No eyepiece – leading to superb large imagery
  • Fatigue-free viewing thanks to superior ergonomics
  • Integrated digital camera with the Mantis PIXO

Summary Of The Updated Mantis Range

The updated range of the Mantis family includes 3 models, the PIXO, ERGO & IOTA. This gives you the ability to choose the best option for you.

Mantis IOTA

  • High-quality optical stereo imagery
  • Ergonomic working positions
  • Long working distance
  • Magnification – 3x to 8x
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Synchronised LED lighting

Mantis ERGO

  • High-quality optical stereo imagery
  • Ergonomic working position
  • Long working distance
  • Magnification – 3x to 15x
  • 3 lens multi-view turret
  • Dynamic 3D lighting - White/UV Options

Mantis PIXO (This Product)

  • High-quality optical stereo image
  • Ergonomic working position
  • Long working distance
  • Integrated high-definition camera
  • Video & image capture
  • On-screen annotation
  • Custom overlays
  • Magnification – 3x to 15x
  • 3 lens multi-view turret
  • Dynamic 3D lighting – White/UV options

Benefits Of Using The Mantis PIXO


1 - Unique, large, high-quality optical stereo image
2 - Ergonomic design for both user comfort & productivity
3 - 5 different ways to illuminate the subject
4 - Suitable for a wide range of applications
5 - Versatility
6 - Digital imaging for collaboration, traceability and training (PIXO only)

6 Key Reasons To Invest In The Mantis PIXO

High Performance Digital Imaging

With the Mantis PIXO, there is an integrated high-quality microscope camera that lets the user share their images to a screen. The PIXO does this through its 5MP back-illuminated sensor, and the super-speed USB-C cable for data transfer.

You can therefore capture, review and share the high-quality images, alongside annotating them. This is all done in real-time, aiding in reporting and communicating with a wider team. Digital overlays can also be added to compare live images with either targets, measures, or pre-set guides.


The Mantis range has an overall magnification range of 3x all the way to 15x (see above each Mantis models magnification capabilities above). This provides superior image quality alongside a long working distance – making the Mantis range the perfect stereo inspection equipment for a wide-range of applications.

There are three versions of the 3rd gen Mantis (PIXO/ERGO/IOTA) which all have multiple stand and lighting options, allowing you to tailor the device directly to your requirements.

Faster Inspections

See every detail of your subject thanks to the unique and large viewing display. This means that the operator can assess samples at a quicker and more accurate rate and thus increasing both efficiency and throughput rate.

Both the PIXO and ERGO models have a built in triple objective turret. This lets magnification switches occur at a far easier and quicker pace.

Increased Comfort

The Mantis series has always been the pioneer for ergonomic perfection when using a stereo microscope. The eyepiece-less viewing provides ergonomic benefits to the operator superior to that of anything provided by other brands.

The designed-in ergonomics help to provide a more comfortable working position, whilst also maximising eye comfort, improving hand eye coordination and more. This enables the operator to work with magnification for longer periods of time in comfort!

Improved Accuracy

The 3rd generation of the Mantis now has 5 illumination options to help you maximise the control of shadows, which gives you the perfect sample view. This helps to ensure faults are easily detected and any rework tasks straightforward.

These illumination options include:

  • Dynamic 3D
  • Sub-stage, transmitted, diascopic
  • Incident, episcopic
  • Combined White/UV
  • Contrast enhancing, pseudo dark-field

Suitable For A Wide Range Of Applications

The Mantis series of microscope is an excellent tool for a wide range of industries and applications. This is thanks to the long working distance and excellent depth perception. These industries include:

  • Electronics
  • Medical devices
  • Precision engineering
  • Life science & lab work
  • Dental
  • Watch & jewellery making
  • Much more…

Available Stands For The Mantis PIXO

Stabila Stand - Counter sprung for ease of use. Compact, stable design & features long range of focus travel with an optional illuminated base.

A - Workbench to top of head 513 - 663mm
B - Throat, optical axis to column 218mm
C - Length 422mm
D - Width 290mm
E - Top of stabila to bottom head/objective 246mm max

Stabila Stand With Pilot Stage - 100 x 100mm travel stage with autolock to prevent unwanted movement.

A - Workbench to top of head 513 - 663mm
B - Throat, optical axis to column 218mm
C - Length 475mm
D - Width 520mm
E - Top of staliba to bottom head/objective 212mm max

Verso Arm - Counter sprung for ease of use. Compact, stable design & features long range of focus travel with an optional illuminated base.

A - Workbench to top of head 429 - 652mm
B - Throat, optical axis to column 380 - 505mm
C - Length 575 - 695mm
D - Worksurface to bottom head/objective 40 - 285mm

Verso Arm With Forearm - Adds extra stand reach with a pivot point on the verso stand. rotation 270°.

A - Workbench to top of head 482 - 710mm
B - Throat, optical axis to column 630 - 755mm
C - Length 825 - 945mm
E - Worksurface to bottom head/objective 106 - 337mm

Objective Working Distances


Objective Lens Working Distance
3x 100mm
4x 100mm
6x 68mm
8x 60mm
10x 54mm
15x 40mm
6x SLWD 114mm
8x SLWD 113mm

Accessories Available For The Mantis PIXO

Pilot Stage – Smooth & precise control of subjects. 100 x 100mm travel stage with an auto lock to prevent unwanted movement

Contrast Enhancing Base – Helps to optimise lighting for a variety of both transparent and translucent samples. This aids in enhancing the observed contrast on the subject.

Tilting Base – Helps to change both the position and angle of a subject, without the need to handle it.

More Information
General Specifications
Size - Head Only (mm)
Depth 275
Width 218
Height 371
Weight (kg)
Max Operating 6.5
Head Only 4.5
Illumination - Incident Options
Brightness 21k lux max
Colour Temp 5500k
Control 25 steps
Transmitted (Staliba Illuminated Base)
Brghtness 36k lux max
Colour Temp ~4800k
Control 25 steps
White/UV Version
Brightness White: 11k lux ; UV: 0.47k lux 53 uW/cm² Max
Peak Wave Length 385nm
Control 25 steps



Camera Specifications

Camera Resolution (MP) 5.04 MP
Best Capture Resolution (pixels) 2592 x 1944
Frame Refresh Rate 48 FPS
Sensor Type Rear-illuminated CMOS
Colour Depth 12-Bit
Interface SuperSpeed USB 3.0
Output Connection USB-C to PC
Supplied Software ViCapture
Optional Software ViFox, DimensionOne, DimensionTwo, ViPlus
Image Capture Formats PNG, BMP, JPG
Saved Image Sizes (MB) PNG - 19Mb
BMP - 19Mb
JPG - 400Kb
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Customer Questions
Is the Mantis Elite, Elite CAM-HD and Compact still available?

Yes. Each of these have been rebranded as part of Vision Engineering’s Mantis Classic range. Accessories and replacement parts are still available for these systems for the foreseeable future. You can also purchase these models still, should you wish to keep continuity on your production line for example.

Can Mantis classic parts work with the new Mantis 3rd Generation range?

As the new upgraded versions of the Mantis (PIXO/ERGO/IOTA) are a significant upgrade from the classic range, the entire microscope has been completely redesigned. This means that most parts and accessories for the classic range are not compatible with the new line of Mantis stereo microscopes.

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