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Almit SR37 LFM22S 0.65mm 500g reel

Almit Lead-Free Solder Wires

A more rapid wetting, an absolute consistency of quality and specific procedures made Almit one of the leading suppliers of solder wires for manual and robot soldering.

Only the best and purest of material is used that guarantees a consistent quality - from the beginning to the end of each solder wire coil.

The flux contains a highly-efficient wetting agent based on natural resin, the natural water content of which has been dehydrated through a special process. This serves to reduce the danger of tin and flux agent spit back, a troublesome problem that can lead to short-circuit bridges and reduced quality.

The unique flux provides for fault-free and efficient soldering, even on oxidized component connections.

The patented active flux components are faster than others in eliminating the oxide layer and provide for an extremely fast wetting of the connections. This level of quality is achieved through Almit"s proven consistency.

Less solder wire is consumed while producing more output at even reduced reject rates. This results in increased productivity at lower costs.


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SR 37 LFM-22-S 3,5% Flux 3,5% 0,65mm 0,5kg Spule/ Reel

Leadfree solder wire, Sn-0,7Cu, 227°C, Flux 3,5%, REM1(Anti Tip Wastage Type)



SR 37 LFM 22S Sn0.7Cu
  • Fusion point 227°C
  • Eutektik Solder
  • very rapid wetting even on problematic surfaces
  • Reduced soldering tip wear
  • Flux agent M1 classified
  • Available diameter 0.2-2.7mm

Almit SR37 LFM22S 0.65mm 500g reel


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Almit Lead-Free Solder Wires

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