How To Make Manufacturing Operations Eco-Friendly - Global Recycling Day!

Kaisertech Global Recycling DaysKaisertech Global Recycling Days

Global recycling day 2021 is upon us. What better way to mark it than to discuss potential opportunities where all of us can learn to operate in a greener capacity.

With everyone on the globe attempting to move processes towards a carbon neutral it is likely that you also want to find ways to reduce your output. Well sit back and have a read of our short guide on measures that you can take to be more green!

What Is Global Recycling Day?

The earths natural resources, as we all know, are not in infinite supply. One day, this will run dry.

Recycling is a key way to combat this. If we reuse materials, it saves us from having to further plunder the earths natural resources. Hence why recycling is now known as the earths seventh resource!

Global Recycling Day is all about showcasing the important role that recycling has in creating a sustainable future. Often we can all make changes, no matter how small, to repurpose goods so that we make our manufacturing operations more eco-friendly.

For more information on Global Recycling Day, visit their website here.

Benefits Of Making Manufacturing Operations Eco-Friendly

Cost Effective

Eco-friendly processes help you to be more efficient with the energy that you use. Using less energy and water, along with producing less waste over time, can amount up to huge savings years down the line.

Occasionally you can also be eligible for environmental schemes that reward your business for a greener approach. Check out the government website if you are in the UK for more details.


Pride In Your Business

Playing your part in preserving the environment will likely create a sense of pride among your workforce. Taking responsibility for the environmental impact of your processes demonstrates a social conscience.

Creating an environment where your employees are proud to adorn your company colours. The benefits of this manifest in a number of ways through both a happier and ultimately more productive workforce.


New Opportunities Through Improved Company Image

Becoming renown for efforts in improving your eco-friendly manufacturing operations can help you to gain business from new sectors that you had not considered.

Customers are becoming increasingly both aware and conscious of the impact their choices have on the planet. Being known for practicing greener methods can help you appeal more to these types of customers, bringing in new business based on your eco-friendly reputation.


Ways To Make Manufacturing Operations Eco-Friendly

Smaller Changes In Your Day to Day

There are certainly some changes that you can carry out around the office and production floor that can help your business become more eco-friendly. They are as follows:

  • Switch all internal communications to digital only, saving on paper usage.
  • Upgrade the Insulation in your building to improve heat efficiency.
  • Swap out your lightbulbs for either LED or CFL units to lower energy costs.
  • Program your thermostat to get better control of the temperature in your workplace.

The small changes detailed above really do make an impact over time. They are often cheap and simple to implement also. Therefore, we always suggest implementing these as a first point of call!


Update Your Machinery And Processes

Your tried and trusted pieces of kit may well be performing optimally, but it could well be outdated. Outdated equipment often means that the machinery is consuming more energy than it needs to when undertaking tasks.

Along with he more efficient energy consumption, you can see an increase in productivity due to the more up to date features of the new unit.

Make sure you keep an eye out each year for any updated models that may have surpassed your current equipment. There is also a further step you can take to further identify wasteful energy practices in your business.

Consider installing an electrical power management system (EPMS). Installing one of these can help you to quickly identify elements in your production line that are using inefficient energy practices. The EPMS will track and store data so that you can identify and resolve any equipment that is not performing optimally. These can also help with any energy audits that you carry out.

Embracing a more automated production line could also help. The use of robotics will aid in eliminating inaccuracies caused by human error, cutting down on the amount of waste created through mistakes. This can allow you to be more economical with your raw materials and in turn reduce the waste that your produce.


Turn Your Packaging More Eco-Friendly

Packaging for both goods you sell and consumables that you use in your business processes can mount up to a lot of wasted material. Plastic packaging, cellophane wrapping, cardboard, paper and more. It is likely that you can streamline this yourself or order from a company who packages their goods in a more environmentally friendly way.

Consider using renewable packaging if your business mails out goods to your customers. Recycled packaging works great here, being both cost effective and environmentally friendlier. It will help you to cut down on waste in the long run.

A great example of eco-friendly packaging can be seen with JBCs new cartridge packaging. Made from recycled cardboard, JBC has made a commitment to a more sustainable way of delivering their soldering cartridges to their customers. These have been used since September 2020, and offer all the same protection as before, just in a far more sustainable package. If you would like to see this packaging, you can order one of our JBC cartridges here.


Align With Eco-Friendly Partners

When working towards creating more sustainable processes, you must also consider the companies that you work with. Look at the commitments of your suppliers and couriers. Do they share the same values and commitments to eco-friendly processes as you do?

By doing this you will ensure that you align your company with likeminded suppliers that share your vision of eco-friendly manufacturing operations.


Consider Renewable Energy Sources

One of the best ways to improve the sustainability of your operations is to rely on an alternate power source. This means utilising renewable energy over fossil fuels. If you have conducted an energy audit recently, take a closer look and consider ways that you could introduce this.

Renewable energy can range from solar panels, to heat pumps and even wind turbines. Often these sources of power will reduce your energy bills alongside the greener benefits that they provide.

There are many companies out there who can help advise you on how to seamlessly transition to a renewable energy source. Take the Energy Saving Trust for example. They can provide you with the information and advice you need to install renewable energy sources for your business.

To Conclude

There are many actions that we can all take to ensure we create a future that is green and sustainable. As you can see, a lot of changes you can implement are simple and low cost.

The ultimate goal of Global Recycling Day is to showcase that we can all make a difference, no matter how small our actions. This way we can all play our part in crafting a healthy and sustainable future for our planet. Making our manufacturing operations eco-friendly will serve us all better in the long term!

For information on updating any of your equipment to the latest model, contact us today for expert assistance!