JBC CV-2E Desoldering Station with Pneumatic Pump

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JBC CV-2E Desoldering Station with Pneumatic Pump

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CV is a microdesoldering station using compressed air for precision electronic applications.

This CS Station is equipped with the MV-A Pneumatic Pump and the comfortable DS360 Micro Desoldering Iron. Clean and dry compressed air is required.

It works with the JBC exclusive heating systemand the intelligent sleep & hibernation features.

Using the menu you can personalize over 20 parameters to help manage the process.

It incorporates a USB connector (type B) to update station software and create graphs.

Complete cleaning system with an antisplash membrane to keep the work area clean.
Use the integrated wiper to remove excess solder from the tip.

CV works with the MV-A Pneumatic pump, the comfortable DS360 Microdesoldering Iron
and C360 cartridges.

The CV Station is composed by:
- 1 x CV Control Unit
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General Specifications

  • Weight 2.8 kg (6.2 lb) (station)
  • Size 150x175x145 mm (station)
  • Voltage (AC) 230V / 120V / 100V
  • Input Fuse 1A (230V), 2A (120V and 100V)
  • Output Peak Power 40W / 23.5V
  • Temperature selection 180-450 ºC / 356-840 ºF
  • Ambient operating temp. 10-40 ºC / 50-104 ºF
  • Tip to ground resistance <2 ohms
  • Air pressure 4 - 6 bar
  • Vacuum (at 6 Bar) 90% / 680 mmHg / 26.8 inHg
  • Flow rate 15 SLPM
  • USB connector station-PC
  • ESD Safe
  • Package weight 4.7 kg (10.3 lb)
  • Package dimensions 330x260x305 mm

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