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JBC DDE-2C 2 Tools Control Unit

Control 2 JBC Tools Simultaneously With The JBC DDE-2C!


Connect and operate 2 JBC tools at once for either soldering or desoldering applications. Fully compatible with 10 different JBC tools, the DDE-2C features JBCs dynamic soldering profile. This aids in helping to avoid thermal shock when ceramic chip components such as MLCC are being soldered.

Utilise the excellent range of benefits that the DDE-2C offers with its customisation, control and remote working capabilities.


Benefits Of The DDE-2C Control Unit

Simple Menu

The simplistic design of the DDE-2C's interface avoids confusion and gives you all the visualisation you need to help improve the efficiency and accuracy of your soldering tasks. Easy configuration allows the stations parameters to work to your exact requirements - Easily personalise according to your application needs.

DDE Interface Menu

Tool Presets

Set your custom tool pre-sets easily in one place. Each setting can be used independently of one another, meaning you can use 2 entirely different configurations at the same time. The control unit detects the tool that is being used and applies the desired configurations you demand.


Tool Pre-set OptionsPartial Counters

Keep count of the hours that are worked in each working cycle. The unit does this for you, offering a simple and easy display of the information for the users benefit. The unit allows for tracking of 2 tools at once, along with how many sleep or hibernation cycles are performed and desoldering cycles. Easily reset this with the touch of a button for the undertaking of different applications!

Partial Counters


Connect to the station effortlessly with 2 connector ports (USB-A & USB-B). Simple and easy to download data into CSV formats through the USB-A port. Use the USB-B port to manage your work remotely from the comfort of your PC. For more details on setting up your workstation, give our experts a call today!

DDE Connection Ports


Use the DDE-2C to help automate your robotic soldering processes. Both the soldering and control settings can be pre-set through the use of this control unit, creating the ideal assisting unit for repetitive soldering tasks that require precision.

Special Features Of The JBC DDE-2C

Sleep & Hibernation Mode - Take advantage of the sleep and hibernation modes that are pre built into the JBC DDE modules. they allow the soldering tip temperature to be lowered once the tool rests in the stand. This aids in preventing oxidation whilst also prolonging the tip life of your JBC cartridge.

Temperature Limits - Limit the operation temperature for each of your tools that are connected to the control unit.

Real Time Visualisation - Soldering graphics displayed to allow the user real time visualisation of both the power that is delivered and the temperature of your cartridges, whilst the soldering process occurs.

Temperature Controls - Edit up to three custom temperature profiles and switch between them effortlessly. Perfect for solder joints with differing heat requirements.

PIN Protection - Ensure the security of the parameters of your soldering station. Select a unique 4 digit code that prevents your unit from unauthorised access.

Language Settings - Choose between 10 different language settings, including - English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean or Chinese.

More Information
General Specifications


90 to 450 ºC / 190 to 840 ºF

Dynamic Soldering Profiles

Designed to avoid thermal shock when soldering Ceramic Chip components like MLCC, this new and unique feature allows controlling the heating ramp up rate of the tool to gradually increase the temperature of the component through all the phases of the soldering process.

Up to 25 fully configurable soldering profiles can be stored.



USB-B (rear)

Software PC / Traceability

USB-A (front)

Firmware update Soldering Graphics management


RS-232 remote control or Smart Fume Extractor connection.

Equipotential bonding


ESD safe


Power Supply

Peak power

150 W per tool – 23.5 V

Voltage (AC)

ref. DDE-1C - 120 V

ref. DDE-2C - 230 V

ref. DDE-9C - 100 V


Ambient operating temp.

10 to 40 ºC / 50 to 104 ºF


Dimensions & Weight

Control Unit

148 x 120 x 232 mm / 3.82 kg

5.8 x 4.7 x 9.1 in / 8.41 lb



258 x 328 x 208 mm / 4.27 kg

10.2 x 12.9 x 8.2 in / 9.41 lb

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JBC DDE-2C 2 Tools Control Unit

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JBCs DDE-2C is a Digital station that allows the connection and control of 2 JBC tools.

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