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OPTIMUM Disposable Type 5 & 6 Cat III SMS Coveralls Pk5

Optimum SMS Type 5 & 6 Coveralls

Manufactured from breathable liquid resistant SMS material. The material resists the penetration of many different non-hazardous liquids and particles. The material is more breathable than microporous coveralls, more suited to construction work. For protection against asbestos fibres, acid and alkali splash and water. In accordance with CE category 3, Type 5 & 6.

Type 5 - this category provides protection to both product and personnel. They are typically used for protection against airborne particles and fibres.

Type 6 - this category provides protection from limited splash and spray, where the risk of chemical exposure is low.

Not recommended for use in cleanrooms.


Type 5 & 6 Certified Category III

Ideal for protection against asbestos fibres during removal operations

Breathable Fabric

Elasticated Cuffs

Available in Three Colours : WHITE, RED and BLUE

Available in sizes M, L, XL and XXL

OPTIMUM Disposable Type 5 & 6 Cat III SMS Coveralls Pk5


Phone: +44 02380 650065

Disposable Visitor Coat

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