OPTIMUM Disposable Type 5 & 6 Cat III SMS Coveralls Pk5

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OPTIMUM Disposable Type 5 & 6 Cat III SMS Coveralls Pk5

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Optimum SMS Type 5 & 6 Coveralls

Manufactured from breathable liquid resistant SMS material. The material resists the penetration of many different non-hazardous liquids and particles. The material is more breathable than microporous coveralls, more suited to construction work. For protection against asbestos fibres, acid and alkali splash and water. In accordance with CE category 3, Type 5 & 6.

Type 5 - this category provides protection to both product and personnel. They are typically used for protection against airborne particles and fibres.

Type 6 - this category provides protection from limited splash and spray, where the risk of chemical exposure is low.

Not recommended for use in cleanrooms.


Type 5 & 6 Certified Category III

Ideal for protection against asbestos fibres during removal operations

Breathable Fabric

Elasticated Cuffs

Available in Three Colours : WHITE, RED and BLUE

Available in sizes M, L, XL and XXL

General Specifications

Way of Dressing: Open the zip, insert legs and dress, taking care not to break the material. Close the zip and pull the adhesive. Make the adhesive strip attach to the coverall without folding.


The choice of type of fabrics and garments is extremely important to protect the personnel, and the environment. The following facts must be taken into account when deciding on the correct clothing:

1) The concentration and the toxicity of the chemical substance to be handled

2) Concentration and quantity of liquid spray and splash

3) The conditions under which they are used

4) For dry and airborne particles, the type, size and toxicity of the particles

5) Make sure that the size corresponds with the user

6) Check that the product has no defect and is in good condition (no holes, unsewed part etc.)

7) The disposable item should be replaced after every use. Abandon the place of work immediately in case of damage of the product

Exposure to certain chemicals or high concentrations may require higher barrier properties, either in terms of the holdout properties of the fabric or in the construction of the suit. Such areas can be protected by garments in Types 1 to 4. Care should be taken where pockets are attached. Beware of overloading pockets, although provision has been made to allow chemicals to escape, users should be aware that they can harbour contaminants and take adequate precautions. The user shall be the sole judge of the suitability for the type of protection required, and the correct combination of coveralls and ancillary equipment. To obtain full protection, all apertures should be securely closed, but the user shall determine, and allow for, the effect of heat in use. Heat stress and discomfort can be reduced or eliminated by the use of appropriate undergarments, or suitable ventilation equipment

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