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Pink ESD Open Top Bag 155 x 255mm (6 x 10") | 100per pack

Product Information:
- Treated to inhibit generation of harmful static charges
- See-through pink ESD Anti Static
- High quality amine free polyethylene
- Heat sealable
- Zip lock
- 400 gauge
- Surface resistance 1011 Ohm
- Conforms to IEC 61340-5-1
- Customs sizes available

Pink anti-static bags are ideal for use in transporting non-static sensitive devices, (e.g. nuts, bolts etc.) into an Electro-static Protected Area. (E.P.A.) Available in open top and loc-top resealable.

Electrostatic damage to electronic devices can occur at any point from manufacture to field service. Damage results from handling the devices in uncontrolled surroundings or when poor ESD control practices are used.

“METALISED SHIELDING” BAGS (silver in colour) If bags, holding STATIC SENSITIVE COMOPONENTS, are to be handled OUTSIDE OF AN “EPA”, they should be in METALISED SHIELDING BAGS, a FARADAY CAGE! Metalised Shielding bags can be an effective FARADAY CAGE, subject to the quality of material and physical condition.

DO NOT CREASE the bag, as this can breakdown the intergrity of the metalised shield! You should not use any bags damaged with TEARS AND / OR PUNTURES, as these can DESTROY THE FUNCTION OF THE FARADAY CAGE! Metalised Shielding bags CAN DETERIORATE with use, MONITORING them for effectiveness is VERY IMPORTANT!

ANTISTATIC BAGS (Pink in colour) These are the only acceptable “plastic” bags in an EPA! Antistatic bags offer NO effective protection against a contact ESD! They should only be used for NON STATIC SENSITIVE components, e.g. nuts, bolts, paper etc. ORDINARY PLASTIC BAGS can generate and hold static charges in excess of 10,000v! Antistatic bags deteriorate with time and wear, MONITORING them is VERY IMPORTANT.

Pink ESD Open Top Bag 155 x 255mm (6 x 10") | 100per pack

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ESD Pink Anti Static Bags

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