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Posi control articulated torque reaction arm

Posi control articulated torque reaction arm

The articulated geometry of the torque reaction arm offers many advantages.
With an improved minimum operating radius, neutral movement inertia and easy insertion, it is ideal for tightening operations at reduced distances.
It is compatible with straight, pistol and angle drivers.
You enjoy a great versatility of performance.
Its design also guarantees excellent perpendicularity of tightening, a perfectly balanced tool and suppression of MSD.
As it is equipped with two X and Y absolute position encoders, your operators necessarily respect the programmed tightening sequences and torques.
Each screw is in the right place and tightened to the right torque. No defects.

Designed to be easily installed on your worktops, the articulated geometry gives you both optimized work coverage and high working flexibility without movement inertia. As it is compatible with straight, pistol and angle drivers, you enjoy great versatility of performance.

Stroke/Working radius options



1100 mm


Quality of assembly
  • Respect of programmed tightening sequences and torques
  • Detection of screw oversights and malfunctions
  • No defects
  • Guaranteed perpendicularity of tightening
  • No movement inertia
  • Easy screw insertion thanks to articulated geometry
  • Suppression of MSD
  • Balanced tool
  • Compatible with straight, pistol and angle drivers with a wide range of pliers

Requires 1290016 DPC Touch: sequencing and process monitoring interface

Posi control articulated torque reaction arm


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BA 100 R articulated torque reaction arm + clamp for straight tool

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