Quick 432 Charge Plate Monitor | Kaisertech Ltd

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Quick Charge Plate Monitor | Kaisertech Ltd

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Product Information:
  • Use non-contact sensor; Test resistance; High precision and excellent stability.
  • Four working modes and voltage meter available; Can set the parameters accordingly.
  • 'PASS' function: Can set 'PASS' parameter according to requirement; it sounds alarm when the
  • test fails.
  • Data recording function: Can record 100 groups of data for further reference.
  • Intelligent setup; Set functions according to requirement.
  • Built-in chargeable battery; it can be used without outer power supply.
  • Easy to use and carry.

General Specifications

Specifications: Voltage Range 1-1000V Voltage Accuracy 5% Time Accuracy 1% Time Range 0-600 seconds Outer Power Supply 12V DC 400mA Built-in Chargeable Battery 8.4V(Ni-H) Display LCD Display Screen Size: 100*24mm Standby Time 600 seconds Ambient Temperature 0-40 Relative Humidity 0 to 70% Test Plate 150 x 150mm(6''*6'') Dimensions 150mm x 152mm x 225mm Weight About 1.76kg Manufactured as per ESD-STM3.1-2000 and ABSU/EIS/ESD-S3.1-1991

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