Quick Ionising Gun - Fixed

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Quick Ionising Gun - Fixed

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Product Information:

  • Nozzle of QUICK445AF can be customized according to customer's requirement
  • Nozzle only

General Specifications

Air Pressure Distance 15cm 30cm 45cm 60cm
0.2Mpa Decay time(S) 0.9s 1.0s 1.3s 1.4s 1.7s 2.1s 2.1s 2.9s
Ion balance(V) -1V +5V +6V 0V
0.4Mpa Decay time(S) 0.8s 1.0s 1.0s, 1.3s 1.3s 2.0s 1.9s 2.5s
Ion balance(V) 0V +1V +1V 0V
0.6Mpa Decay time(S) 0.8s 0.9s 1.0s 1.4s 1.4s 1.8s 1.5s 2.7s
Ion balance(V) -2V -4V +6V -14V

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