Conductive Corriplast Reel Rack 15" Triple Unit x 18mm Slots | 33 Cells

Conductive Corriplast Reel Rack


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Size (mm) - 860x385x200mm


Conductive Corriplast reel storage is a flexible bench mount storage system which caters for 7" and 15" component reels.

Choose from Corstat coated fibreboard as standard or conductive Corriplast for clean room or high durability requirements.

Available in single, double and triple module units and the division spacing can be 18mm or 32mm to suit the application. The units are supplied fully assembled and configured to suit your exact requirements.

There are many benefits of using Corstat Reel Racks as opposed to bulky plastic versions, such as being lighter and easier to move/handle. Another benefit being that they are completely recycleable and biodegradable, meaning they can be disposed of without doing damage to the environment.

Key Features:

Robust & Durable

Protects static sensitive items

Environmentally friendly

Advantages Of Corriplast® Reel Racks:


  • Excellent ESD protection for both Corstat® & Corriplast® materials
  • Corriplast® provides additional physical protection, comparable to moulded plastics
  • Custom designs can be manufactured to suit specific requirements
  • Both Corstat® & Corriplast materials are safe to use and recycle
  • Can be repeatedly handled with no PPE requirements
  • Enables the efficient handling of multiple reels in a single trip
More Information
General Specifications

Reel Storage System Size Chart


Part No. External Size (mm) Cell Width (mm)
No Cells
RR7118 273x240x200 18 11
RR7132 273x240x200 32 7
RR7218 573x240x200 18 22
RR7232 573x240x200 32 14
RR7318 860x240x200 18 33
RR7332 860x240x200 32 21
RR15118 273x385x200 18 11
RR15132 273x385x200 32 7
RR15218 573x385x200 18 22
RR15232 573x385x200 32 14
RR15318 860x385x200 18 33
RR15332 860x385x200 32 21



Part No. External Size (mm) Cell Width (mm)
No Cells
RRX7118 273x240x200 18 11
RRX7132 273x240x200 32 7
RRX7218 573x240x200 18 22
RRX7232 573x240x200 32 14
RRX7318 860x240x200 18 33
RRX7332 860x240x200 32 21
RRX15118 273x385x200 18 11
RRX15132 273x385x200 32 7
RRX15218 573x385x200 18 22
RRX15232 573x385x200 32 14
RRX15318 860x385x200 18 33
RRX15332 860x385x200 32 21
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Conductive Corriplast Reel Rack 15" Triple Unit x 18mm Slots | 33 Cells

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Conductive Corriplast Reel Rack 15" Triple Unit x 18mm Slots | 33 Cells

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