SOD Zero Ohm Jumpers For PCB Crossovers

SOD Zero Ohm Jumper For PCB Crossovers


Browse our range of SOD jumpers, with many different ranges and custom configurations available.

Range Of SOD Jumpers Available

How To Order SOD Jumpers Through Kaisertech


When you require an SOD Jumper, we need only know what your need is, the application and the size. Any sketches or schematic jumper connections you could provide will aid us in determining the optimal jumper for your PCB.

Alternatively, you can fill in our PCB Jumper questionnaire (see downloads tab). Fill this out and email it across to [email protected] and we will come back with the solution and competitive quote.

If you already know the Jumper series and variation that you require, contact us and we can provide a quotation upon request.

What Are Zero Ohm Jumpers?

A zero ohm jumper conducts the current / bridge over and around tracings on a PCB (even when the trace is on a 45 degree angle.

They can be used as a means of replacing obsolete components on the fly or to redesign a circuit after the board is in production. This gives PCB designers creative means of re-routing, even when on a single sided board. 

SOD jumpers mount onto your PCB using regular SAC305 lead free solder paste, like regular components. The most common configuration involves pin 1 being shorted to pin 3 or pin 2 to pin 3. However, we have many variations available, even covering versions with up to 8 shorted pins. Call us, or send us your enquiry by email for a competitive quote on your SOT jumpers.

More Information
General Specifications

Topline Part Number System For PCB Jumpers

2 Pins SR, SM1, SOD80, SOD123G, SOD123FW, SOD323G, SOD523FL
3 Pins SOT23, SOT323
4 Pins SOT343, SSL0805
5 Pins SOT25, SOT353
6 Pins SOT26, SOT363
8 Pins SO8, VSSOP8, TSSOP8, SIP8
10 Pins VSSOP10, MSOP10
14 Pins SO14, TSSOP14, SIP14
16 Pins SO16, TSSOP16, DIP16
8~100 Pins DFN, QFN
3~7 Pins DPAK, D2PAK


4 Inch E4A
7 Inch E7A
13 Inch E13A
Partial Reel E
Bag B
Tube M
Tray T


RoHS Pb-Free Sn100 Matte Tin T


Jumper Code
Zero Ohm Pattern DC##
Isolated Circuit Without Connections ISO
SR Series
Zero Ohm ZERO


Standard [Blank]
Dummy Die D
Halogen Free H
AEC-Q101 Q
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SOD Zero Ohm Jumpers For PCB Crossovers


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SOD Zero Ohm Jumpers For PCB Crossovers

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