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Tanaka Bonding Wires

Tanaka is the premier manufacturer of bonding wire to the semiconductor industry. Tanaka offers a full range of Gold (Au), Silver(Ag), Aluminum (Al), bare Copper (Cu) and Palladium Coated Copper (PCC) covering all applications of wedge, ball and bump bonding.

Bonding wires are used for a wide range of products, such as ICs, LSIs and transistors. Tanaka brings quality products at the cutting-edge of semiconductor technology.

  • Gold Bonding Wire
  • Gold Alloy Bonding Wir
  • Copper Bonding Wire
  • Aluminum Bonding Wire for Power Devices
  • Aluminum Bonding Ribbon
  • Aluminum-Silicon Bonding Wire
  • Silver Alloy Bonding Wire


Short Loop Application
Short Loop Application
Long Loop Application
Short Loop Application
Multi-wire bonding
Multi-wire bonding


Tanaka Bonding Wires


Phone: +44 02380 650065

Tanaka Bonding Wires

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