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TOP375CE - Optional Automatic Lift Controller TOP341

Product Information:
At the end of a soldering procedure one side of the PCB holder can be lifted either manually or by the optional Lift Controller TOP341, tilting the board in order to peel the soldered pins out of the solder, thus avoiding bridges. The Lift Controller can be connected to the selective soldering system TOP-375 instead of the foot switch. After pressing the start switch of the TOP341 the solder pump speeds up or starts respectively, depending on whether the soldering system is operated in the standby-mode or not, so that the solder rises up to the soldering height which can be adjusted at the TOP-375. The timer of the Lift Controller enables you to set the time delay between the moment the lift controller reaches its lowest position and the moment the TOP341 starts to starts to rise the frame back to its starting position. The tilting speed can also be adjusted at the Lift Controller.

Click below to see the TOP-375CE with Optional PCB Holder and Lift Controller in operation! 

TOP375CE - Optional Automatic Lift Controller TOP341


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The PCB Holder TOP342 is the perfect accessory for the selective soldering system TOP-375 when soldering or de-soldering THT components on small PCBs.

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