SPL600240 Digital Dynamic Solder Pot

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SPL600240 Digital Dynamic Solder Pot

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Product Information:

  • Unique pumped wave system for dross free solder surface 
  • Constant temperature thermostatically controlled 210-410ºC accuracy ±2% digital control
  • Remote air switch control pump operation
  • 220/240V 50Hz 600W
  • Solder capacity 6kg (60/40)
  • Weight of unladen solder pot 10kg
  • Interchangeable nozzles
  • Supplied with nozzle to your specification
  • Maximum nozzle size guide circular 32mm diameter, square 54x54mm, rectangle 65x18mm before modification is necessary to the monolux safety cover or 115x18mm maximum with modification to cover. 

Designed for use with lead free solder as well as standard tin lead solder

  • New Digital control system
  • Dross free working solder surface, by use of a unique pumped wave system
  • Constant temperature throughout the solder mass, thermostatically controlled 220°C to 410°C ±2%
  • Supplied with a standard nozzle OR a nozzle of your specification (see nozzle guide below)
  • Nozzles easily interchangeable, retained by a bayonet fitting
  • Remote air switch pump operation
  • 1 year guarantee, excluding nozzles
  • Suitable for various applications, including tag soldering, wire tinning, PCB repair& re-flow, PCB prototyping etc
  • 220/240 volt 50 Hz 600 watt
  • Solder capacity 6 kilos (60/40)
  • Weight of un-laden Solder Pot 10 kilos
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General Specifications

Max Nozzle Size Guide

Circular 32 mm dia.

Square 54 mm x 54 mm

Rectangle 65 mm x 18 mm before modification is necessary to the Monolux safety cover or 115 mm x 18 mm max with modification to cover.

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