ESD Replacement Wrist Strap

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ESD Replacement Wrist Strap

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Product Information:

  • Fabric bands, premium crocheted elasticated band 
  • Premium silver coated crocheted monofilaments
  • Fully adjustable and washable, with mild detergent
  • Camlock style closure
  • 10mm male stud
  • Insulation between outer and inner surface >109
  • Conforms to IEC 61340-5-1

Static discharge or ESD can damage your electronic components or circuits by the generation of a sudden electricity when differently-charged objects are brought close together. This band will help you to protect these components by grounding. It is elastic and has plenty more room for the largest of hands, and also caters for those with smaller limbs by using cam buckle.

Band Construction: Constructed using R-10 fabric band with elastic ratio of 1:2.5” to 1:3”. Outer surface is non-conductive and inner surface of the strap shall be conductive, lined with conductive silver yarn.

Wrist Strap Life Test: When stretched to 200%, band returns to its normal length after 20,000 cycles.

Dimension: For free-sized wrist band, total length of exposed band shall not be less than 200.0mm. Or the flattened length must be 4 to 4.5 inches.

Hardware: All metal parts shall show no evidence of corrosion and rust after 24 hours submersion to salt solution. Preferably made from stainless steel or brass alloy plated with nickel.

Plastic Parts: Made of static dissipative nylon material

Termination: Fabric band assembled to GO2 buckle, non-curved and halfmetal back, With flap and male snap available in size 10mm. The halfmetal back Is covered with anti-allergenic plastic buckle cap.

View FileESD Anti Static Wristbands Specification Sheet    Size: (165.98 KB)

General Specifications

Electrical Properties: Interior Cuff Resistance: ≤ 100 kiloohms at 7 to 30 volts dc open circuit. Exterior Cuff Resistance: ≥ 10 megohms at 7 to 30 volts dc open circuit

Wrist Strap Life Test: When stretched to 200%, band returns to its normal length after 20,000 cycles.

Breakaway Force: 1 to 5 lbs. of pull away force is required to disconnect snap into normal direction


* Band: soft woven fabric

* Band color: dark blue

* Crocheted conductive thread for conductivity.

* Can be adjusted by using cam buckle.

* Allows the skin to breathe & is comfortable to wear.

* 360 degree conductive contact around the wrist, providing maximum skin contact

* Back plate: stainless steel, yellow ABS

* Snap size: 10mm

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