Hios Screw Feeder HS3

Automatic Screw Feeder Hios HS3

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The work efficiency of a production line will be dramatically improved.

● A single unit can handle different screw diameters by changing rails.
・ 8 screw diameters for the manual operation type, 6 screw diameters for the automatic assembly machines
● It feeds screws quickly; 120 screws per minute at average / M3 x 8 
(for automatic assembly machines)
● Compatible with the suction type (for automatic assembly machines)

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General Specifications

Power Supply Input AC100V ±5% (50/60Hz)
Output DC12V 500mA
Weight(g) About 3kg (including the rail)
Screw capacity 80cc
Over load protection circuit Reverse rotation when overloaded, Forward rotation when restored
Model Number HSⅢ-10 (M1.0)
HSⅢ-12 (M1.2)
HSⅢ-14 (M1.4)
HSⅢ-17 (M1.7)
HSⅢ-20 (M2.0)
HSⅢ-23 (M2.3)
HSⅢ-26 (M2.6)
HSⅢ-30 (M3.0)
External Dimensions(mm) 123(W)×181(D)×145(H)
Driver type For manual operation
Accessories 1 installed standard rail, 1 guide plate, 1 hexagonal wrench (width across flats 2mm), 1 gauge plate (0.35mm)

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