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Henkelman Vacuum Packaging machine Boxer 52


  • Table model
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Stainless steel deep-drawn vacuum chamber for optimal hygiene
  • Transparent lid
  • Easily removable wireless sealing bars in vacuum chamber
  • Insert plates for adjusting vacuum chamber height

Digital control functions

  • Time control / Automatic programming / 10 default programs
  • Sensor Control Set percentage pressure for vacuum and gas functions for accurate and constant packaging results / Automatic programming / 10 default programs / Vacuum plus time
  • Quick stop H2O Sensor Control Set percentage pressure for vacuum and detect boiling point of the product. For fast cycle and better food protection Support control functions
  • STOP button for partial/full cycle interruption
  • Digital maintenance program for pump / Operating hours counter / Service indicator programs / Sleeper function etc


  • Durable and efficient high quality table models
  • Full range for vacuum and MAP packaging options 
  • Extensive program choices for specific packaging requirements
  • Many company and product advantages which return the investment rapidly
  • User friendly and low maintenance, supplied with complete service program

Non-food products - Electronics Semi-conductors - Metal - Pharmaceutical Products - Textiles - Laboratories etc.

  • Moisture free packaging
  • Air and dust free packaging
  • Volume reducing packaging
  • Scrapes and scratches free solution
  • Fraud resistant packaging
  • Sterile and contamination free packaging

Please contact for more information:
Email:[email protected]
Phone:+44 (0)23 8065 0065

Henkelman Vacuum Packaging machine Boxer 52


Phone: +44 02380 650065

For pulling a vacuum and sealing drypack bags

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