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JBC SRWS-2SB Complete SMD Rework System

SRWS-S Complete SMD Rework Station is an ideal solution for SMD rework tasks, suitable for repairing small and medium SMDs quickly and safely.

Provided with JTSE Precision Hot Air Station, this hot air station includes the extractor desk with protectors and tripods for easy SMD removal. 

The Rework Arm RWS supports the Hot Air Heater allowing handsfree operation.

The Pre Heater Set PHS-KB comes with the PCB Support and the Infrared Heater.

Product Composition:

- PHS-2B Heater Unit with Console
Hot Air Station:



- JT-T2A 230V - Heater Hose Set
- PHS-SA IR Preheater Support
- RWS Adjustable Hot Air Rework Stand
- E2052 Extractor 20 x 20 mm
- T2050 Tripod ø39 mm
- JN2015 Nozzle for JT heater
- E2064 Extractor 20 x 26 mm
- T2250 Tripod ø85 mm
- JN2012 Nozzle for JT heater
- E2184 Extractor 24 x 24 mm
- JN2020 Nozzle for JT heater
- P2220 Protector 10 x 10 mm
- P2235 Protector 12 x 17 mm
- P4000 Protector 12,4 x 12,5 mm
- P2230 Protector 15 x 15 mm
- P4010 Protector 17 x 17 mm
- 0008752 Extractor Desk
- PH218
- PH217
More Information
General Specifications
Net Weight 1,99 kg (4.39lb)
Dimensions 267 x 259 x 75 mm
(10.51 x 10.20 x 2.95 in)
High position 267 x 259 x 96 mm
ESD safe connector
Package weight 2,71 kg (5.97lb)
Package dimensions 368 x 368 x 125 mm
(14.49 x 14.49 x 4.92 in)
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JBC SRWS-2SB Complete SMD Rework System

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JBC SRWS-2SA Complete SMD Rework System

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