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L Blade for Hektor 2


The L-blade will be used if there are small distances between the off-cuts


Cab Hektor 2 Blades – L-shaped blades

To ensure the CAB Hektor 2 remains in perfect working order it is necessary to replace the Cab Hektor 2 blade periodically.  We offer the full range of blades to allow off-cut removal from a wide range of routed widths.  The blades are specified to the width of the routed width, however in reality they are produced 0.15mm thinner than the specified width to ensure smooth, non jamming operation.   e.g. A 2.4mm routed width would use a 2.4mm ‘L’ blade.


Cab Hektor 2 Blade sizes in ‘L’ Shape: –

1.5mm ‘L’ Blade 8932122

2.0mm  ‘L’ Blade 8932123

2.4mm ‘L’ Blade 8932141

2.5mm ‘L’ Blade 8932124

3.0mm ‘L’ Blade 8932125


L Blade for Hektor 2

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CAB Hektor 2 Off-cut remover Hektor 2

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