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Lindstrom RX8141 Flush Cutter RX Oval Head 0.1-1.25mm wire dia

Product Information:

  • The ultimate in performance, precision and comfort
  • Profile slighly rounded and wide creating excellent surface distribution
  • ESD safe
  • Adjustable screw joint minimises friction and maximises alignment of cutting edges
  • Lead-catchers stop just cut ends of wire from falling into critical or sensitive areas
  • Micro-bevel, flush or ultra-flush available

  • Precision cutters developed according to the scientific ERGO™ process
  • Material: high performance alloyed steel
  • Black finish
  • Numerically controlled machine grinding guarantees edge angle accuracy and contact; increases the tools reliability and consistency
  • Precision induction hardened edges 63-65 HRC
  • Screw joint that minimizes friction and maximizes alignment of cutting edges
  • ESD safe handles in two component synthetic material
  • Biospring that limits the tension throughout the working cycle of the tool and can be adjusted in three different positions or removed
  • Ideal for wire harness work and standard printed circuit board assembly
  • The cutting capacity that is given is for copper wire!
More Information
General Specifications

Type Diagonal
Overall Length 135mm
Materials Cut Copper Wire
Cutting Capacity 1.2mm
Cut Type Diagonal
Electrostatic Discharge Safe Yes

Type Overall length (mm) Length of jaw (mm) Width of head (mm) Thickness of head (mm) Cutting edge (mm) Cutting capacity in copper wire (mm) Cut type
Rx8141 135.5 10.5 10.0 6 0.8 0.1 to 1.25 Flush
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Lindstrom RX8141 Flush Cutter RX Oval Head 0.1-1.25mm wire dia

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The ultimate in performance, precision and comfort

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