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Properties Of The Sievi Shoes Range

Read below for an expanded description of the different properties on the Sievi shoe range:

FlexStep Technology For Sievi Shoes


Flex-Step - Grip & Flexibility: The sole of the shoe is microporous, a technology that has been exclusively developed by Sievi. It helps to absorb any shock from movement along rough ground, as well as maintaining flexibility whilst in freezing conditions. This helps to prevent strain on the feet and spine of the wearer. This feature is commonplace across the entire Sievi shoe range!

3D Dry Technology In Sievi Shoes

3D Dry

Dry Feet With 3D Dry: Sievi have developed a 3D-dry lining, that helps to transfer away moisture from the foot and into a secondary layer. This secondary lining helps to keep your feet drier and more comfortable whilst wearing the Sievi shoe for extended periods of time.

BOA Fit Sievi Shoes


The BOA Fit System: Thanks to a unique configuration of three integral parts, the Sievi shoes deliver a fit that is precise, effortless and fast. This BOA fit system is made up of three parts that are purposefully designed to help achieve this fit - a micro-adjustable dial, strong & lightweight laces, and low friction lace loops.

Double Polyurethane Soles


Zipper Inclusion: This icon marks shoes that include a zipper for simple access to wear or remove the shoe.

Sievi ESD Safe Footwear

ESD Safe

ESD Footwear: Shoes that carry this symbol are constructed to provide a safe and controlled method for discharging static electricity from the wearers body. By ensuring that ESD footwear is worn, you can help to safeguard static sensitive devices from any damage from ESD. The resistance limits 100 kΩ - 35 MΩ for the Sievi ESD footwear are stricter than for antistatic footwear (IEC 61340-5-1).

Dual Insole

Dual Insole

Dual Insole: All Sievi shoes with this marking include a dual insole, that aids in comfort and breathability for the wearer. The insoles comprise of 3 purpose designed layers - a soft surface material underfoot, breathable layer in the middle, finished by a shock absorbing EVA leightweight layer at the bottom. There is also a shock absorbing cushion under the heal that helps to absorb further shock reducing strain on the user.

Shock absorbing heel

Shock-Absobing Heel

Cushioned & Lighter Steps: All Sievi footwear, as standard, have a cushioning effect thanks to the FlexStep sole. This means that all Sievi shoes comply with EN ISO 20345:2011 & EN ISO 20347:2012 standards, with absorbtion of the footwear being atleast 20J.

Water Repellent

Water Repellent

Water Resistent Properties: The material used in the make up of the top part of shoes displayed with this marking, are water repellant. Sievi ensure that they match or better the requirements set out to be EN ISO 20345:2011 standard.

Antistatic Shoes


Antistatic Properties: Where a Sievi shoes bears this marking, it holds antistatic properties. The shoes release static electricity that is built up on the body, in a controlled fashion. The limits to the resistance are - 100 KΩ - 1000 MΩ

Oil Resistant

Oil Resistant

Resistance To Oil & Other Chemicals: Footwear with this property meet requirements set out by EN ISO 20345:2011 - ensuring that the sole of the shoe resists oil & many other chemicals.

Metal Free

Metal Free

No Metal: There are no metal parts used in the footwear that have this mark. This means that metal detectors will not react to them.


Toecap Indicators

Aluminium Toe Cap


Aluminium Toecap: Where a shoe has this marking, it means that the toecap is made of aluminium. This is around 50% lighter than that of shoes that have a traditional steel toecap, but offers significant protection from compression or falling objects. They meet standards for having a compression resistance of 15,000N and shock resistance of 200J.

Steel ToeCap


Steel Toecap: The toecap for these shoes are steel, conforming to EN ISO 20345:2011 standards for shock resistances of atleast 200J and resistance to compression of up to 15,000N. They are the safest way to protect your toes from crushing or injuries occuring through falling objects.

Composite Toecap


Composite Toecap: The Toecap is comprised of composite, to protect the toes from crushing or falling objects. They are also metal free, meaning that they insulatre better against both heat and the cold. Composite toecaps also meet requirements of the EN ISO 20345:2011 standard for 200J shock resistance and 15,000N compression resistance.


Sole Resistance Indicators


Composite Resistance Sole


Composite Midsole Resistant: Penetration resistance that fulfills the same requirements for EN ISO 20345:2011 as those made of traditional steel. Better protection however is provided by products with a steel midsole, offerimng protection from even the thinnest of nails. Contact us for a further discussion in finding the ideal shoes for your work requirements.

Steel Penetration Resistance Sole


Steel Midsole: Shoes with this marking have a steel midsole, meeting EN ISO 20345:2011 Requirements for resistance to nail penetration of up to 1100N of force. They help to prevent sharp objects penetrating through the sole of the shoe!

Composite Midsole X

Composite Midsole X

Composite Penetraition Resistant Midsole X: Designed to meet the requirements of the stricter standard set in 2019 for EN 22568-4. This requires the midsole to be tested with a 3mm nail that has a square tip.


Sole Indicators

Polyurethane Soles

Sole Material - PU

Polyurethane Sole: Sievi shoes with this marking are constructed of a single density microporous polyurethane sole. This provides slip resistant and shock absorbing qualities for the wearer. The soles are made of the Sievi FlexStep material (see above).

Polyurethane & Rubber Soles

Sole Material - PU/RU

Polyurethane & Rubber Sole: Sievi shoes with a sole make up that consists of both Polyurethane and a rubber combination. This features excellemnt grip and wear resistant properties - including heat resistances of anywhere up to 300°C. The mid-layer of these soles are also comprised of Sievi's FlexStep technology.

Double Polyurethane Soles

Sole Material - PU/PU

Sole Material Double Polyurethane: A sole with this marking comprises of a double density polyurethane sole, for extra durability. The mid-layer is also comprised of Sievi's FlexStep material.

Double Polyurethane Soles

Sole Material - PU/TPU

Sole Material Polyurethane & Elastic Thermoplastic Polyurethane: Double density sole comprising of both PU and TPU,with an outsole being wear resistant and the mid layer FlexStep Material.

GripStep Sievi Shoes


GripStep: These shoes contain an unique sole construction – combining both the friction properties of polyurethane and TR rubber on its tread. This maximises the grip for each shoe. The sole will firmly grip onto cold and slippery surfaces, along with being flexible and shock absorbent thanks to its dual structure.

Drystep Sievi Shoes


DryStep: Transferring moisture away from your feet, shoes with DryStep technology help to keep your feet dry and comfortable. DryStep uses unique ventilation and pump action mechanisms thanks to the surface material of the insole.

TractionPro Footwear From Sievi


TractionPro: Shoes with TractionPro have a sturdy friction sole that provides a stronger grip on slippery surfaces. Comprised of a sticky rubber sole and a FlexStep interlayer, your sole will be flexible for all conditions. TractionPro soles are designed for maximum friction and to maintain grip on many different surfaces.

Gore-Tex ESD Footwear


Gore-Tex: Sievi shoes with this marking incorporate a unique waterproof lining that provides ventilation to the feet whilst also keeping moisture out of the footwear. It has been systematically tested for both functionality and comfort – the only membrane structure available on the market with this degree of quality testing.


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