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How do ESD benches work?

ESD benches are a vital tool in ensuring your business maintains an effective EPA. Non insulating materials such as wood will not be effective in an electronic environment that needs to be ESD protected.

ESD benches are made with static dissipative materials that differentiate it from your standard wooden workbench. This material will ground the bench to the earth helping to dissipate any build up of static electricity that is generated by the operator. Your standard benches do not give the static anywhere to go, creating possible damage for sensitive components or even the user.

Are ESD chair castors suitable for hard floors?

We can provide special soft tyre castors that are better suited for use on hard floors. They look very similar to the standard castors and can be available upon request.

If this is something that you require for the ESD chairs in your environment, contact our team today. We can build these castors into your quote, whilst providing reassurance for the ESD chairs’ suitability and flexibility for all assembly line and factory settings.

Do I need an ESD bench for my workspace?

An ESD bench will be ideal in areas containing devices that are sensitive to ESD. This is frequently the case in electronic assembly lines and other processes involving electrical components. ESD can damage devices beyond repair, so it is important that you have the correct equipment to minimise this risk. An ESD workbench is one of the best ways to ensure that the operator remains grounded, and thus eliminating the ESD.

What types of ESD workbenches are there to choose from?

There are four main types of ESD workbench that you can purchase from us. These are the Classic ESD Workbench, Cantilever Bench, Upright Frame, Corner ESD Table or a Packing Table. To learn more about these visit our dedicated ESD workbench page here.

What considerations should be made when purchasing ESD furniture?

When equipping your workstation with ESD furniture, there are several key points you must consider.

Workbench – Consider the type of bench that suits your space and requirements the most. Does it need to be adjustable to the height of multiple operators, or do you need to move the bench to different locations on a frequent basis? Make sure you consider all possible future requirements and priorities to ensure you get the best value for money.

Accessories – There are an abundance of options when it comes to kitting out your workstation. From lights, to power and even storage, there is an accessory available on our website that can further streamline your work processes in an EPA environment.

Seating – The seating you choose to accompany your ESD workstation must offer the same standard of electrostatic protection. Couple this with the need to ensure that your workplace seating is comfortable along with functional in an EPA environment, and you have a decision on your hands.

We have also put together a great article that can help you with which ESD furniture to select. Check it out here!

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