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What is the difference between the different versions of the T245 Handles?

With the JBC T245 general purpose handles, there are a number of variations. Each has a different use, which are as follows:

  • T245-A – Your general purpose soldering iron
  • T245-D – Again a general purpose soldering iron, however this is the non-slip grip variant
  • T245-NA – This version is a nitrogen iron variant with a nitrogen feed
  • T245-PA – A general purpose iron with a blue grip, allowing for easy distinguishability from other handles in your workplace.

How can I extend the life of my JBC soldering cartridges?

To extend the life of your soldering cartridges there are several factors that must be taken into account. We recommend to not exceed a temperature of 370ºC. Our extensive research into JBC soldering tools show that 90% of solder joints perform optimally at 350ºC. Ensure that the force you apply to the soldering iron does not exceed its own weight.

Are there any simple tips for the desoldering process?

Our experts have put together some of the most helpful tips for desoldering. Click here and follow the instructions for a smooth desoldering experience!

How long is the warranty on JBC soldering equipment?

All the JBC equipment we sell comes with a 2-year warranty, guaranteeing your soldering units against all manufacturing defects. It will cover you for the replacement of defective parts and all necessary labour. The warranty will not cover product wear due to use or misuse.

To validate the warranty, equipment needs to be returned to Kaisertech with an enclosed note of the problems that you have discovered.

Why should I use JBC soldering equipment?

JBC soldering equipment is the best in the industry. It is frequently being used by government contractors, high reliability OEM’s, CM’s and many other manufacturers. These customers regularly evaluate everything about their soldering process, from the cost of ownership to user safety. They need reliability and thermal performance on every joint, which is why they turn to JBC.

Can I set up a different soldering temperature and sleep temperature for each tool when using multiple tool stations?

Yes, each JBC tool allows you to select a different soldering temperature and sleep temperature. You will be requested to pick up the tool you wish to alter the parameters of when you are setting up your station. All you need to do is pick it up and select the temperature you require.

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